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Welcome to Computer Certification Training Schools! Our site has information on computer schools and colleges offer computer certification and training courses in A+, CCNA, Cisco, CIW, CNA, MicroSoft, Oracle, MOUS, Network+, i-Net+, MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE, SCJP, Server+ and more. We also provide information on schools offering Computer Science, Computer Programming, Networking, Database and LAN, Wireless Application, Management and Information Systems and Technology Degree Courses. Computer programming courses include C++, Java, Linux+, Unix and Perl.

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Computer Certification and Training

Acquiring certification indicates that you have completed the steps and have the knowledge required to perform at a specified level as an IT professional. Certification also proves to your employer and clients that your expertise is confirmed by a recognized industry organization. Today, virtually every technology professional can benefit by pursuing a well-chosen certification. Becoming certified can increase your salary, enhance your skills and make your job more satisfying.

  • Be part of the future! Information Technology is one of the fastest growing fields of employment, accounting for 1 of every 4 new jobs created between 2000 and 2010
  • Earn what you’re worth! The average starting salary of an experienced professional with an IT certification is $55,577.
  • Get promoted! 37 percent of professionals received a promotion within the first year of attaining their primary certification. Of those receiving promotions, 83 percent felt their certifications played a major role in the advancement.
  • Average earnings in the computer and data processing industry are 89% higher than the national average for all industries.
  • In IT industry the age is not important, creativity and logical thinking are much more important. So if you are 25, be confident and take the lead position. And don't forget to take good retirement gift to the former boss from provides the Internet's most comprehensive directory of comuter training schools specializing in Information Technology certification training. has grown to become the resource of choice for aspiring IT professionals and career professionals seeking information on the nation's leading IT training providers, representing over 60 certification training centers online and nationwide.

All of the schools in our directory provide unique learning models that combine personal instruction from certified IT pros with hands-on labs and convenient e-learning options. Computer certification and traing cirurriculum covers the spectrum from skills and certification training for Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Linux, Security, Web Design and other leading technologies to end-user software training.

Whether you’re new to IT, a professional looking to increase your earning power, or a manager who needs to keep your staff on top of their game, we can provide a proven, flexible training program to deliver the skills you need for success, at an exceptional value.

So don't wait get certified today!