CIW Certification Training
CIW Certification Training 

This page provides a listing of top CIW Certification Training Schools! Schools offering CIW certification training include University of Phoenix, Herzing, Northwestern Technical Insitute and Techskills. CIW is a vendor-neutral -- i.e., job-role -- curriculum and certification program designed to help career changers enter the IT industry so get your CIW certification training today.

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CIW Certification and Training

About CIW Certification and Training
The Internet is an inescapable fact of life today. It greatly enhances both our personal and work lives. That's why all professionals need to keep up with Information Technology (IT) skills in addition to other technical and business skills. Expanding expertise to include IT skills helps secure a position in the 21st-century workforce. CIW certification validates your competency in IT industry standards, concepts and best practices, and proves your knowledge of leading hardware and software technology.

An IT certification for the knowledge economy, CIW is a vendor-neutral -- i.e., job-role -- curriculum and certification program designed to help career changers enter the IT industry, and help experienced and vendor-certified professionals build on existing IT skills. CIW spans various IT disciplines -- including Web site design, enterprise development, network administration and security -- as well as cross-functional areas that combine other disciplines, such as Web site management and Web development.

CIW Certification Training Schools:
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University of Phoenix Locations Nationwide
Herzing College Montreal Montreal, CANADA
Northwestern Technical College Sacramento, California
TechSkills Various Locations

*Programs may vary by location